Monday, July 12, 2010


Even impossible says I'm possible.
   -- Safi Khan


Your Lord has not foresaken you, nor has he hated you.
-- Allah the Creator of the Universe communicating with Mohammad, the messenger to the Universe


The wealthy must remember the needy, the free must remember the oppressed, the leaders must remember the followers, the healthy must remember the sick, and more importantly everyone must remember Allah. Two types of remembrance, exercise each of them frequently to bring joy to your life and hereafter.

-- Ayman Nassar


There is no standing still. You know, you are either going backward or forward.
                                           -- Mark Burnett

Standing Up

When you face a failure, or a problem, or whatever, face it. Face it. Deal with it. and deal with it yourself.
                                                                                            -- Diane Von Furstenberg